[scribus] Formula in 1.3.5 (bug)

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Wed Apr 8 19:58:41 CEST 2009

Am Mittwoch, 8. April 2009 18:42:25 schrieb John Jason Jordan:
> I recently spent three solid days in LyX trying to get it to work. The
> whole idea behind it is to be a tool for a non-professional book
> designer to be able to write a book and let the "experts" who created
> LaTeX make the decisions about what fonts to use and what sizes, etc.
> Therefore you are constrained from doing a lot of things. 

Unless you really learn LaTeX and get to know how to change the default 

> But as a 
> professional I have a lot of issues with their choices. For example, in
> professional textbook design there are frequent tables, graphics and
> other non-text elements. It is customary to indent paragraphs so the
> reader can see the new paragraph, but you don't indent the first
> paragraph after a header, a graphic, a table, or other non-text
> element. So you can imagine my annoyance when I discovered that LaTeX
> requires me to make a choice globally for the entire document, and the
> choices are to indent all paragraphs, or separate all paragraphs with
> an extra space. That's just wrong. Through the entire three days I
> worked in it I struggled trying to get it to do what I needed to do. I
> couldn't even set the title page because I wasn't allowed to set the
> text at a large enough point size.

Again: learn LaTeX or LyX. It's entirely possible.

> And then there is the issue of fonts. LyX, LaTeX, Kile and all the
> other tools ultimately rest on TeX. TeX has some cool features, but
> font choices are not on the list. 

Wrong. See above.

> In fairness, it was created back in 
> the day when operating systems did not have a font server and fonts
> were not even displayed graphically on screen. Getting good typography
> in such an envionment required Knuth to make his own fonts and all the
> metrics files they needed in order to work with TeX. While some of the
> benefits of this system are useful, the downside is that you are stuck
> with a very small set of fonts to choose from. Yes, you can use XeTeX,
> but it's another add-on.

Wrong. See above.


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