[scribus] PDFX1A

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Apr 7 20:06:02 CEST 2009

Gerard Cunningham wrote:
> For a project I'm working on, the printer requires PDFX1A (or should
> that be PDF/X-1A).
> I have Scribus v1.3.3.12 which I understand is the latest stable
> version, running on Ubuntu 8.10.
> Can someone point me to a non-technical explanation of how to export the
> PDF in the format required (assuming that its possible to do so) or to a
> reasonable workaround if not.
> I gather I need to add CMYK plugins, what else do I need to do?
We've just been through this with the manual. There is nothing 
particularly _special_ about PDFX1A, and the output of Scribus should 
satisfy any needs the printer has in that regard. That having been said, 
we also understand that printers have been brainwashed by this concept 
and may refuse to believe it.

I would suggest trying to get them to try the output from Scribus.

One of the projects for Google Summer of Code that we hope to get 
approved would be for Scribus to generate "true" PDFX1A files to end 
this craziness, or at least eliminate this nonsensical excuse - they may 
move on to another.


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