[scribus] no confirmation email for bugs.scribus.net

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Sun Apr 5 00:27:59 CEST 2009

>> A few days ago I tried a couple times to sign up for an account at
>> bugs.scribus.net.
>> No confirmation email was delivered.    I checked my spam folder and
>> also tried signing up with a different email address, but no such
>> luck.   I reported this problem at http://www.scribus.net/?q=contact
>> yesterday a.m. but there has been no response thus far... I may have
>> just hit that contact form at a down time but I thought I better
>> report it here as well. Thank you,
> i can't personally check if the system is working, but you may look  
> at your spam folder... the automatic message from the server may  
> have been filtered out...

No.. unrelated to that...

Ryan, please try again. I have just sent you an email from the site.


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