[scribus] Embeding subsetting fonts, TT fonts and Open type fonts

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 4 21:36:38 CEST 2009

Steven Dayton wrote:
> I sent this out without a subject line so here it is again.
> Concerning fonts documentation talks about true type fonts but makes no
> mention of open type fonts. I have an open type font from Adobe and pretty
> sure it is a good quality font. It seems to work fine in my documents as I
> have used it. I'm not doing anything so far for high end printing but for
> screen viewing PDF.
> When I go to make a PDF and select the font tab in the Save As PDF dialog
> none of the fonts can be placed in the Fonts to embed field. They only
> appear in the Fonts to outline field. I don't want the fonts to be outlined
> for online viewing so when I select each one and click the arrow button that
> points to the Fonts to embed field above they are removed from the Fonts to
> outline field. The obvious thing must be the fonts.
> I want to be able to embed and subset the fonts. I couldn't see any way to
> do that in Scribus so my work around is opening the resulting PDF in Acrobat
> 9 Professional Extended and running a Preflight Fixup that embeds and
> subsets the font there by making for a smaller size.
> I'm working with both and 1.3.5 versions.
Typically, if there is no option to embed, it means you can't embed this 
font. OTF fonts are not embeddable, and some TTF fonts may also not be 


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