[scribus] Manual (thanks) and 1.3.5

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Apr 1 02:09:33 CEST 2009

Barry McKenna wrote:
> Gregory, Christoph, et al:
> Manual arrived in Port Townsend (Olympic Peninsula) Washington, yesterday.
> Many thanks.
> It is unfortunate that so much (13.50Cdn) of what was paid went for
> shipping. Air mail was used, but apparently not that effectively. I've
> often had books from the UK arrive much quicker. Future efforts might plan
> on making sure that you guys (or the project) get a bigger share of the
> pie. U.S. book rate is cheap and reliable enough.
> Also, Craig writes, that "1.3.5 is too different in too many ways."
> My need for eps has prevented use of 1.3.3.x and I have been working with
> 1.3.5svn (Jan 18 2009).
> So, I'd appreciate some advice on using the manual with software that it
> doesn't apply to ;)
> I'm tickled silly to have Scribus - it has to be one of the most
> accomplished pieces of open source work, or programming in general - so
> take my comments in that regard.
> Rather that generate excess cortisol (a big issue for my over-active immune
> system), if some page in the wiki (or somewhere) could be developed, at
> some point in your travels, to highlight 1.3.3 vs 1.3.5 differences, I'd be
> especially grateful. I promise I'll still buy the next version of the
> manual, but some transitional clues would be especially helpful.
> Also, it appears that 1.3.5svn for Windows is still the Jan 18 2009
> version, but I think that from what I have read here that later versions
> for other OSs have been issued. Any idea when a later Windows 1.3.5svn will
> be ready?
> Thanks again for a beautiful manual.
Thanks for the compliments, Barry.
I think you'll find that the bulk of what is in this first effort will 
still apply to 1.3.5, though various screenshots of dialogs and the 
Properties palatte will be different.
The differences are mostly added features, like Character Styles, 
Optical margins, Render frames, new path capabilities, and some others.

We have had some preliminary discussions but the bulk of the work on the 
manual won't begin until 1.3.5 gets released as a stable version, so we 
can be sure what's included and how it looks. I'm sure some basic 
information will crop up on the wiki also.


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