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Okay. I'm confused. It hasn't arrived yet, but a few days ago I bought a scribus manual through Amazon. This one was supposedly written by Christopher Schaefer. How does it relate to the manual addressed in this email? I am brand new to Scribus, and just joined the mailing list a few days ago.


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Hi Barry,

> Gregory, Christoph, et al:
> Manual arrived in Port Townsend (Olympic Peninsula) Washington, yesterday.
> Many thanks.


> It is unfortunate that so much (13.50Cdn) of what was paid went for
> shipping. Air mail was used, but apparently not that effectively. I've
> often had books from the UK arrive much quicker. Future efforts might plan
> on making sure that you guys (or the project) get a bigger share of the
> pie. U.S. book rate is cheap and reliable enough.
> Also, Craig writes, that "1.3.5 is too different in too many ways."
> My need for eps has prevented use of 1.3.3.x and I have been working with
> 1.3.5svn (Jan 18 2009).

Actually, there are no major changes to the EPS import code in 1.3.5svn. Could 
you be more specific, please?

> So, I'd appreciate some advice on using the manual with software that it
> doesn't apply to ;)
> I'm tickled silly to have Scribus - it has to be one of the most
> accomplished pieces of open source work, or programming in general - so
> take my comments in that regard.
> Rather that generate excess cortisol (a big issue for my over-active immune
> system), if some page in the wiki (or somewhere) could be developed, at
> some point in your travels, to highlight 1.3.3 vs 1.3.5 differences, I'd be
> especially grateful. I promise I'll still buy the next version of the
> manual, but some transitional clues would be especially helpful.

We should actually produce a list of new features (lots of them) and perhaps 
start a comparison. However, it's up to you to participate in this process, 
even if you're just asking questions. Asking questions will help us to 
prepare and optimise the next generation of the manual!

> Also, it appears that 1.3.5svn for Windows is still the Jan 18 2009
> version, but I think that from what I have read here that later versions
> for other OSs have been issued. Any idea when a later Windows 1.3.5svn will
> be ready?

Please check SF again. Jean has uploaded a new snapshot last night.

> Thanks again for a beautiful manual.

You're welcome :)


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