[scribus] Placing /Scaling and file image/PDF size

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Oct 30 16:10:12 CET 2008

Peter Nermander wrote:
>> Now that I know that what I am wondering is this: when the image is
>> scaled to fit the frame, does it reduce the image file size to reflect
>> the newly scaled size?
> It does not reduce the size of the included file, BUT I think it will 
> reduce the image in the created PDF. There are at least figures for 
> the re-sampling of images in the PDF export dialog.
I believe what happens in a PDF is that your image will be sent as 
bitmap data at a particular DPI, which may be different than the DPI 
shown in the Properties > Image information in Scribus. This is why 
there is a limitation to how much you can magnify a PDF before you begin 
to see pixelization.


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