[scribus] Print Preview

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Oct 30 14:24:35 CET 2008

Michael Stainsbury wrote:
> Hi, when I display print preview the options are 'greyed out'. I have
> colour management on and I have mapped to printer ICCs in the
> Preferences.General pane. How can I get the print preview options to be
> active ?
Hi Mike,

I guess what you mean is that the CMYK separations aren't available.
You first need to check the box for Display CMYK. This is because 
Scribus normally is internally managing colors in RGB. It will create 
CMYK when a PDF is created for output to printer (Color tab of the PDF 
Export dialog).

After you check Display CMYK, then the file is processed to show CMYK 
(and obviously this is going to be a visual depiction of ink colors in 
RGB) and the greyed out options should activate.


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