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merci pour votre réponse mais je ne pratique pas l'anglais!!!!

à bientôt pour une réponse en français
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> So, I am now going to get started with some basic photo and text layout
> and then start making a list of question I am unable to answer for myself.
> But my first question is:
> Is this do-able for a newbie? Or am I nuts?
> Thanks,
> -Mike
> Hi Mike
> Welcome to Scribus.
> Short answer, yes it's very doable and not as difficult as you may 
> imagine.
> If it were me, I would make separate cut and paste text files of each text 
> and each caption and heading that you want on each page ready for 
> inserting into text frames then put empty text boxes on each page 
> containing the name of the text file only as a reference.
> Then select each photo or photos for each page and place image box/es with 
> an outline around each where each image will go, but don't insert the 
> images yet.
> Once the layout is as you envisage it, then paste the text, change the 
> font, sizes colours etc.
> Make headings and captions for the images in separate text boxes.
> You will find the dialogs and menus for text and image boxes in the <F2> 
> Properties dialog, experiment first for a few moments.
> Its not going to take you long to get a handle the way Scribus works.
> With photos, these can be high quality right down to low resolution jpegs, 
> I would experiment to obtain the lowest quality images that produce the 
> best printed result. You can scale the images to the correct size for the 
> image box on the page in either Gimp or photoshop and reduce the 
> resolution to jpg or for higher quality use png, I have found that 
> occasionally 150 x 150 resolution produces good images and on others I use 
> 200 x 200 or 300 x 300 dpi, it depends on the image and the paper it's 
> printed on.
> Hope this helps
> Roger
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