[scribus] Permission to use Scribus Screen Captures in an Educational Product

alessandro rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Oct 15 10:34:38 CEST 2008


> > >From whom would I obtain permission to use Scribus Screen captures
> > >in an
> >
> > online educational product?
> Please provide a direct link to the screenshot you are looking to
> use. We may either grant permission, or perhaps provide an updated
> screenshot. Also, please describe the exact nature of the replication.

it would be nice to have an official position from the scribus team on this matter.

i've collected some links:

they are copyrighted but everybody should be able to use it under fair use policy

is a more lengthy discussion

surely, the biggest problem is that copyright laws depend on the nation where the writer lives... 

the other big problem i could see, is that the scribus team may not be able to give any permission, before knowing how trolltech handles the copyrights on screenshotting their widgets :-)  (i didn't find any notice on their web site)

and if you are using native widgets from qt, you should also check the copyrights on the widgets from your OS.

still, a clear word from the team would be helpfull (most of of all, if they officially say that you may freely use every scribus screenshot in a product related with scribus (exceptions could be made for using the scribus logo...))


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