[scribus] New to publishing, Scribus, and this list

danbob danbob at hughes.net
Tue Oct 14 03:25:30 CEST 2008

Hi Mike.
Well, I just finished up a 320 page 8x10 inch book in Scribus, 395
Did 151 advance reviews copies through Bookmobile.com, they had no
problems with my PDFs from Scribus. I do them one chapter at a time and
assemble them with Acrobat. No distiller, no pre-flight, all Scribus for
that. Scribus pre-flight and PDFs have been excellent here.
I had to write/adapt a few scripts to make things go fast (insert photo,
then run script to generate spacing box and caption box). A few
irritating bugs, but most are now fixed with updates.

You're not nuts at all -- Scribus works fine for book projects, but I
like no more than 30 pages per file. At 50 pp (a different scribus
project I'm working on here) it gets pretty slow.

DO think about bidding your job around --- LOTS of short-run presses
would be interested.

Out of here for now; I'm going over final Scribus PDFs for a 2,000 book
run at Friesens, due tomorrow......contact me via email Mike if you have
any specific questions : danbob (at) otherpower ((dot) com

Buckville Publications LLC
(powered by solar and wind, and by open source software)

I am about to embark on my first book publishing project.  And right now 
> it looks rather daunting for a first timer.
> My hope it to take this website: http://EpicRoadTrips.us/ca2007 and make 
> it into a book.
> There are around 800 images and comments for most.
> My target finish date is 15Dec2008

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