[scribus] New to publishing, Scribus, and this list

Mike Breiding mike at WildWonderfulWV.us
Mon Oct 13 23:50:07 CEST 2008

> As long as you allow some time to learn and are patient, it's doable.
> With this many images (and presumably many pages), you will need to 
> break the job down to 30 page chunks, make PDFs, then assemble those 
> into a larger whole PDF -- this last part will require software other 
> than Scribus, but this is easily available.

Will do.

> Do not use the development versions for this, use the stable

I somehow installed
I will uninstall and install

> Take some time to learn how to do things with frames, documents, using 
> Master Pages. There is a documentation site, and the wiki is helpful too.

Will look into this.

> Find out what your printer requires -- type of PDF, any particulars.

VioVio is pretty specific:

> Come back to the list as needed for help.

p.s. For some reason I am getting my posts, but nobody else's.
I am not getting the digest.

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