[scribus] Scribus scripting on OS X

Jonathan Hunt jjh at 42quarks.com
Sat Oct 11 14:55:06 CEST 2008


I'm trying to get Scribus scripting working on OS X (Leopard 10.5.5).
I'm using and building the X-Windows version. I'm essentially
using the same build as in MacPorts but trying to enable python
scripting. So I do a ./configure with a bunch of options (see below)
and and a build and install no problems. Scribus runs with no errors
but no script window shows up. I've also tried a binary version from
the website 1.3.5svn and again no script menu.

The ./configure script prints a summary
Configuration Summary:

   Freetype2 installed:     Yes
   Fontconfig found:        Yes
   CUPS installed:          Yes
   LittleCMS installed:     Yes
   libtiff installed:       Yes
   Libxml2 installed:       Yes
   Python installed:        Yes
Configuration options:
   Debugging enabled:       No
   cairo enabled:           Yes
Other details:
GhostScript 8.57 was found at /usr/local/

the only warning I can find relevant is that it can't find the Boost
libraries, which as far as I can tell aren't a problem.

Scribus runs fine and doesn't make any errors about not being able to
find python or extensions or anything.

I've had a bit a google etc. and I wasn't able to find much to help me
figure out what's wrong. So any help or nudge in the right direction
is appreciated.


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