[scribus] unable to import images and text

Ermin de Winkel ede.winkel at hccnet.nl
Wed Oct 8 10:31:04 CEST 2008


Lately I downloaded "Scribus" to prepare a handbook of sorts. Text is
written in ms-word (can easily converted into Starwriters ODT), images are
in *.SVG, generated by the open source program "Inkscape".


1: Importing the images generates an error. Also when converting the images
to *.ODT (open office draw) and *.PS (postscript) importing does not work as
I expected. Only when converting to what is called "True SVG" in Inkscape
importing takes place. Sadly the text inside these images is resized
compared to the original image. This means that the text which is part of
the image does not fall inside the limits.

How do I get the images into Scribus? Importing Bitmaps might also be


2: I thought that using copy/paste to bring text into Scribus would be
simple and convenient. It doesn't work tough. Opening Scribus and MS-Word
simultaneously; highlight text in Word and copy. Go to Scribus and the
paste-function is still disabled. How do I get my text into Scribus?


Thanks in advance

Ermin de Winkel

Ede.winkel at hccnet.nl

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