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That was perfect instructions.. Thank You!
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> How do I get the text to display horizontally on the spine of my

1. Create a separate text frame and type your spine information in it.
Pick the right type font and size etc. of course.
2. reduce the height of the frame to exactly the width of the spine.
Right click on the text frame, select properties, and adjust the ¨Y¨
dimension to this height.
3. rotate it 90 degree clockwise (USA) or counterclockwise (European)
Right click on the text frame,  click on ¨Properties¨ and look for
¨rotation¨ in about the middle of the new window. For USA you need to
rotate to 270 degrees.
4. Move the text frame to fit exactly between the guides you already
drew for the spine ( you did calculate the spine width and place the
guides, didn´t you?}
5. Lock the text frame in place.

If you use the LSI cover template (PostScript, not PDF) then the
guides are already there.

John Culleton
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