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Le samedi 04 octobre 2008 à 09:13 -0400, Gregory Pittman a écrit :

> � Maillard wrote:
> > Un petit appel à l'aide venant d'un ami universitaire :
> > http://www.arhv.lhivic.org/index.php/2008/10/03/827-small-is-beautiful-7
> > Les comptes rendus de cours ont été archivés sous Xpress 3 et 4, or, la
> > dernière version du logiciel n'a pas de compatibilité ascendante et
> > voilà nos scientifiques forts dépourvus.
> > Si quelqu'un a une idée, ce serait sympa.
> >   
> struggling with my French at bit....

The same thing with my English :-)

> Scribus will not be able to import Xpress files, but if you have the raw 
> materials (photos, etc.) you could certainly re-create output in PDF format.
> Probably good to familiarize oneself with Scribus from the various 
> information websites:
> http://www.scribus.net/
> http://docs.scribus.net/
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Main_Page
> One thing to add is that, at least to this point, Scribus has maintained 
> the ability to import files from any *previous* version files, so there 
> is less concern about obsolescence.

I know we can't import import Xpress' files into Scribus, but how
recover old files maked with old version of Xpress. The issue is Xpress
can't read his own old files and all the scientific communication of
this group of people are keep in old version Xpress files. They can't
read this document, they don't have sources and thezy need informations.
I said them to make futur communications with freeware... something like

Thank you.

> Greg
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