[scribus] some scientific fonts

markus m.kossner at tu-bs.de
Fri Oct 3 09:56:34 CEST 2008

Henry Hartley wrote:
> Pierre Marchand wrote:
>>> Vous (markus) avez écrit :
>>>> I craweled around the web searching for a right font thet can
>>>> express a character, that would be best expressed by the LateX
>>>> command:
>>>> \hat{\beta}
>>> If you can figure out what Unicode code point express it the
>>> best you'll have make more than half the path.
> Possibly combining 03b2 (lowercase beta) with 0302 (combining circumflex accent, a.k.a. hat)?
> --
> Henry
Yes, it is exactly the combination of

03b2 (lowercase beta) with 0302 (combining circumflex accent, a.k.a. hat)

as you said!

However the 0302 character is not present in my glyphs. Somehow I do not 
really know how to import
it. Can anyone point me there? Do I have to install additional fonts?
Thank you very much, Markus

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