[scribus] Using SVN for Scribus sla files

Calum Polwart cpolwart at wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 23:56:41 CEST 2008

Calum Polwart wrote:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> Calum Polwart wrote:
>>> SVN on the other-hand MAY allow dual user edits - after all the file is
>>> an XML file - so basically plain text?  There are windows GUI front ends
>>>  for SVN - all he'd basically need to do would be click "update/commit".
>>>  SVN would use a local file so should be quicker to work with in terms
>>> of edits and bandwidth would only by the sla file and any other
>>> added/edited files not every file every time.  My biggest concern (apart
>>> from the XML not actually being "mergable" would be file names?)
>>> Looking for anyone who actually does this or something to achieve the
>>> same result to chip in and tell me what they think?
>> I wonder if svn might be overkill for this.

Do I take it as the conversation moved to editing text files out side of
scribus - no-one

(a) Thinks using SVN is a good idea
(b) Has tried using SVN to comment if it screws up the files really badly!


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