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Jeffrey Silverman jeffrey.d.silverman at gmail.com
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Hi. I read your post but you really should try to post in plain-text.

Anyway,  a minor clarification: Linux distro package repositories have
nothing to do with CVS. I know it is just terminology, but unfortunately
words are all we have to communicate with, y'know.

CVS is a repository system, yes, but it is a system that maintains the
development of a project's codebase.

Package Repositories maintain a set of binary (as in, already-compiled)
finished applications for a given distro. There are a number of different
ones, but they mostly work the same way. Installed software is tracked
locally, and new software can be automatically downloaded and installed.

BTW, I tried the Ubuntu shipit and it is pretty fast and worth the wait. You
get stickers! :)


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