[scribus] Extending the power of Scribus

Daniel tecnologia estagiarioti at jfhoje.com.br
Mon Nov 24 13:40:08 CET 2008

Good morning, 

I am wanting to automate and make Scribus more integrated with the system we use here in that company and divided into modules, all integrated with sql. If anyone has any idea like or want to exchange information on where I have come send me an email 

Extending the power of Scribus 

The first idea that I had gone to a bank of news in MySQL where the journalists were make available the materials to be published the next day (completed). 
The second idea I had was to find a script that could do the Scribus access a database MySQL (completed).
The third idea I had was to get or build a script that no longer choose which of the specific issues of the day I would direct use of the database and imported into a text box that I selected within Scribus (main problem is not resolved)
Daniel Augusto
Tecnologia Jfhoje

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