[scribus] Using valueDialog to generate pages

Emanuel Sprosec design at emanuel-s.com
Sat Nov 22 19:06:35 CET 2008

Hello to all,

i've now played around a little bit with the possibilites of the console/scripts and generated sucessfully user-dialogs for a new layout, where the team-member can insert headline, text, select & insert an image and so on to make it more easier for them and provide a ready-made layout article-site.

But i also tried to use a valueDialog to request how many pages the team-member want to start with his creativity. But i can't find a solution (with my absolut-no-exists-knowledge about python). First i tried to insert a valueDialog into the "newDocument" call  to replace the page-number with it. But it gives me an error "TypeError: an integer is required"... I read a little bit around and (think that i) understand that there is a gap between integer and string.

Does anybody have a simple idea or advice, how to give the user via script a dialog, how many pages he wanted and to insert it or include it at the newDocument-call?

Thanks in advanced!

Using Scribus - Windows Version

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