[scribus] Transferring .sla files

Joe Ward bluegrass_joe at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 23:07:29 CET 2008

   I learned enough Scribus from you all -- as we say here in Kentucky -- to 
do my neighborhood newsletter last month. Now I want to do this month's 
newsletter by bringing up the old one, removing the text and photos but 
leaving most of the ads in place, and adding new text and photos.  The 
trouble is, I need to switch to another computer for the new newsletter, so 
that my apprentice doesn't have to come into the rat's nest that is my 
basement office to work on it with me.
   So I moved the .sla file that I made as a last step before exporting the 
previous newsletter to .pdf, moved it to the other computer, downloaded 
Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape and Open Office to the other computer, and opened 
the .sla. There weren't any ads there, and the page formating I had done --  
setting up margins and a gutter -- also was gone.
    Is there a way to save a Scribus document so that all that stuff will 
move with it?

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