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Mon Nov 17 20:56:48 CET 2008

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 17:22:02 -0200
"estagiario tecnologia" <estagiarioti at jfhoje.com.br> wrote:

> Sorry my bad inglês (google Translate)
> I have 16 pages of a newspaper with daily circulation and printing, I
> wonder if the people who placed the provision, if you have already
> had some experience of a kind, and what were the major problems
> encountered by you. So I am trying substitute the software business
> that we have it, and that will be viable or should I discard the
> possibility ? 

as far as i know, there is no daily newspaper published with scribus.

in france, there was a weekly magazine called "le tigre" (which still exists as a monthly magazine).

most of the newspapers created with scribus are issued monthly.

recalling, how "le tigre" adopted scribus, i think you should take some time to prepare the switch.

i think, that an important step was (if i recall correctly) that le tigre used the developpement version of scribus, sorted out all the bugs and missing features which hit them and then stayed with that specific build.

in order to go such a way you should find a developper of scribus which is interessed in your project... and be able to communicate with at least one of them (several of them speak french, afaik none of them potoguese).

you could also find a developper or IT person physically near you (you will probably have to pay him) and who can speak EN, DE or FR and have him mediate between your company and the scribus world.

i hope i could help... and that you could read my english...

have fun

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