[scribus] Frustrations:Paragraph Styles & fonts keep changing; cut & paste (Scribus

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 12:50:00 CET 2008

I find some things VERY frustrating with Scribus (, the version in the Repositories for Kubuntu 8.04, Hardy).
The paragraph styles seem to change for no apparent reason. I can be working on a document, using the various paragraph styles, when all of a sudden the style changes. For example, I have a style for which the font is Bitstream Vera Sans Oblique, size 9, paragraph centred. The next thing I know, it has changed to Bitstream Vera Sans, Bold Oblique, size 12, Left justified.  I have to then edit the style to change it back.The font often switches from whatever I have selected to "Arab", which is a weird font to begin with -- I have set the default font for the document to Bitstream Vera Sans Roman, but Arab was the original font when I first installed it, and it keeps showing up. Also, the font in the "Properties" window very often fails to match the actual font, or what shows up in the "Story Editor".
"Cut/Copy and Paste" between applications is really unreliable.  I have been finding that the most reliable method is to copy material from an OpenOffice or other document to a text editor, then copy from there. But even then, if I have deleted something in Scribus, very often that is what will get pasted, not the item from the other document.Other things are also very frustrating. One is that "Undo" is extremely unreliable.  Somehow, Scribus really does not keep track of all the operations, and selecting undo (especially using <CTRL>Z or <Command>Z on the Mac) can have disastrous results, such as simply crashing the program.

A couple other things: I find it to be quite slow. This is just an annoyance and if I break a document into sections that have less that 20 pages, it isn't too bad. The PDF files are REALLY bloated.  However, I can deal with this with the script,  compress-newsletter.pl, which has been posted earlier -- it reduces the size by as much as a factor of ten with no noticeable degradation in the viewing or print quality that I have been able to detect.

I hope that someone will be attempting to fix these things in the next "stable" release that is put into the (K)Ubuntu/Debian repositories.


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