[scribus] algem do brasil

Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes fgguimaraes at teia.bio.br
Tue Nov 11 23:45:25 CET 2008

Hi Greg and everybody else,

Consta no registro GP11552 do Livro da Grande Teia que
Gregory, em 11/11/08 escreveu o seguinte:

> Don't ever feel you have to ask permission to enhance the wiki in any 
> way. We really could use more translators, and not just for
> Portuguese. I would also encourage you to stay involved with our mail
> list.

I'm on the list. I'm just a little ashamed because of my poor
English.  :-)

> We've discussed this in the past, but the general sentiment is that
> we want people to feel free to communicate on the list in whatever
> language they feel comfortable with. I can sometimes get the gist of
> a to-and-fro conversation in Portuguese (studied a bit on my own
> prior to a trip to the Açores), and there can be some things which
> would be good for translation to English since they answer questions
> many have had or will have.

That's the reason why I'm writing in English now, even with the
temptation to do it in Portuguese...  ;-)

And this thread is stimulating me to begin an effort to create a more
"solid" Scribus community here in Brazil. Come on, brazilian fellows,
anybody with me?  :-)

> Muito obrigado,

De nada.  ;-)

Best regards, or, um grande abraço.

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