[scribus] Text frame help please!

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Nov 8 17:17:15 CET 2008

Jane Woodall wrote:
> Hi folks
> Have just downloaded Scribus because I want to create a family tree. I know there are dedicated programmes but they don't give as much flexibility as DTP. 
> In Aldus Pagemaker you could type the text you wanted onto the page (eg John Smith) and that became a 'box' that you could then resize and place anywhere you liked. That's what I want to do.. but when I tried Scribus last night I struggled.
> I put in a text frame and typed John Smith in via story editor - but then the text frame appeared to be empty on the page. 
not sure why this is happening. What is your OS? What version of 
Scribus? Maybe try changing text font or size...
> Is it possible to type text straight onto the page as described above? 
Yes, use Edit Contents mode. Press E to enter it (or click the icon on 
the toolbar). Click outside the frame to stop Edit Contents mode.
> If not, how do I get round it? The Scribus instructions suggest compiling a folder of text and images - that's fine if, say, you're using a large block of text and a couple of images for an advert. I don't want to be typing two lines of text and saving that as a word file to import - I'd have 100 word files! 
> Also the programme tells me I don';t have ghostscript? Is this a problem and if so where's a clear link to download it from - I searched the site and got confused as to what was what. (Plus there was a very annoying banner advert sat right over some of the useful info!) 
yes, you need ghostscript. Sounds like you may be using Windows. Check this:



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