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Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>> Helge Hielscher wrote:
>>> Does not sound as if they like Scribus:
>>> Quote from http://www.viovio.com/wiki/Scribus
>>> |Please use extreme care when using this program for photo book
>>> |We have found that this program can create extremely large PDFs
>>> |don't rasterize well for printing. Typically, PDFs should not
be more
>>> |than about 5 megs per page.
>>> |
>>> |The pdf generation process in Scribus appears to be extremely
>>> |if you are concerned with image quality

> I think they have an attitude that is incorrect. My guess is that they may
have experience with Scribus PDFs that are not using color management correctly
or not at all.
> We have plenty of people working on and using Scribus that would very much
disagree with this company's attitude.

Greg, et alii

Do you feel this is a Scribus document setup/content issue or not using the
correct PDF settings?

The issue of very large PDF files has been addressed before.  I have found that the Perl script located at:

does a great job of reducing the the size of PDF files created by Scribus, sometimes by a factor of ten, with no noticeable degradation in print quality.

Of course, it would be nice if the PDF files created by Scribus were less bloated, but so long as there is a simple, easy-to-use way of reducing the size, I am happy with having the development team focus on more pressing problems. (I would rank a truly working "Undo" function that ALWAYS undoes the last thing I did with Scribus as the most important thing to fix).


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