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Version    On XP

Learning from tutorial FreedomYug

Have cover page completed and set up four pages Feature left 1 and 3, Feature right 2 and 4.

to Arrange Pages and found the five pages listed at top. However
underneath is page one (normal) but it is on the left side and I am
unable to drag it to center, or remove it,  and unable to drag any of
the others down.

Thought I would go to next section and flow the
text to pages 2 on but it will only go to page 2, maybe because the
pages are not arranged .

Thanks for any help, Peter.

I am assuming that you have made the document to start with the first
page on the right: "File>Properties>General"  and selected near
the bottom left side "First Page is: Right Page".

I am not sure of exactly what you are trying to do. Is it under "Windows>Arrange Pages"?

If so, when you pull down the "Right Body text" it should appear on the top right hand side of the Page Layout pane.  It is a bit tricky to get used to get used to. Suppose you started your document as a 2 page document and you already have two pages in the layout pane. Now you want to add page 3 on the right. You drag the "Right Body Text" with your cursor (as you move it, it will show a circle with a diagonal line across it under the cursor) until you have it positioned to just right of your original page 2, whereupon it will change to a vertical black bar. When you release the mouse button, page 3 will appear in the pane. To add page 4, you do the same thing with a "Left Body text" to a point just below your original page 2, where it will change from a circle to a horizontal black bar, and when you release the mouse button, it will show up as page 4.  I hope that I have understood what you are trying to do, and that I have clarified it for you.
I also suggest that you try the more recent tutorial posted at:

The tutorial is available in OpenOffice format, in either 'Letter' or
There is also a zip file which contains all the files used in the making of the
The tutorial takes you through the steps of creating an 8 page fictitious

I hope that this helps you.


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