[scribus] SElinux alert from Scribus 135

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Fri May 30 04:04:45 CEST 2008

Roger wrote:
> Apologies for the length of this post.
> This type of SELinux alert pops up frequently since installing the 135svn last
> night.
> I have had it today on 3 different .so files that Scribus installed and have run
> the  chcon -t textrel_shlib_t
> /home/user/scribusbuild/lib/scribus/plugins/libmeshdistortion.so as below.
> Is this a bug or something in my system.
> What can I do to fix the problem

Given that you've run the chcon command given by SELinunx I'm not sure 
what your workaround options are. SELinux is a bit of a black box to me.

As Scribus is not security-critical and won't be processing untrusted 
data, let alone with the mesh distortion plugin, it's fine to permit it 
to load.

As for the actual issue with the Scribus code that's causing SELinux to 


... which notes among other things that modern code really MUST be built 
with -fpic or -fpie.

Craig Ringer

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