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Good Morning All,

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> Hi,
> I am currently working on a font for already 5 months and I'm at
> aproximately 1/4 of the work. I is a lot harder than it seems... Just
> finalizing the drawing on paper took me more than 2,5 months. Then was the
> scanning/tracing process, curve optimization, redrawing some of the glyphs
> to make them look better, etc, etc...
> If you plan to create a full font family (including italic, bold, roman,
> etc... variations), you have to think in years, not only months...
> But it is fun to make fonts, at least I like the (painfully slow but
> rewarding) process.
> Molumen
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> > Hi Andreas,
> >
> > On 5/25/08, avox <avox at arcor.de> wrote:
> >> ..... fonts take months or years.
> >
> > I do plan to design at least one font whenever I can find some time. I
> > first intend to go through the Open Font Library that some kind soul
> > mentioned earlier in the thread. However, is your above statement
> > really true?
> >
> > Would other people, who have designed one or more fonts, like to give
> > their opinions?

I have not designed my own (or a) font but I would be interested in the
process. Would this not solve the problem of using a font for commercial
work? If one designs their own font, even if it was just one section
(regular,bold),  the designer (you) could use it to your hearts content, and
allow others to use it as well (with some restrictions of course). My
current method of 'writing', probably more 'printing' and 'writing', might
lend itself to creating a font package. Therefore, I would be interested in
whatever comments might show up in this forum.
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