[scribus] Hyphenation problem

Axel Bojer axelb at skolelinux.no
Thu May 22 10:15:44 CEST 2008

Axel Bojer wrote:
> Hello!
> I hope someone can help me with this. I have installed the latest 
> (self compiled, AMD64, Kubuntu 6.10), and everything works
> as it should --except one important thing: Scribus can't find my 
> hyphenation files!
> I have looked in File -- settings -- Hyphenation (or whatever the
> English names of this) and the automatic hyphenation is on, but in
> the left list (Language:) there is not shown one single alternative
> for languages, as it should.
> I searched the wiki and the mailing archive, and found this advice: 
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Herk%C3%B6mmliche_deutsche_Silbentrennung_in_Scribus
> "Kopieren Sie die Datei anschließend im Installationsverzeichnis von
>  Scribus in ~/lib/scribus/dicts."
> I have done that too, but without success. I have also tried to log
> in as a different user ant to remove the .scribus folder, but still
> without luck. (The folder .lib did not exist, so I created it along
> with all the subdirectories).
> I have looked on my system to find out where the hyphenation files
> are, and this gave me: # slocate hyph_en.dic 
> /root/scribus- 
> /root/scribus- 
> /usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/apps/koffice/hyphdicts/hyph_en.dic 
> /usr/local/lib/scribus/dicts/hyph_en.dic 
> /usr/share/apps/koffice/hyphdicts/hyph_en.dic 
> /usr/share/scribus/translations/dicts/hyph_en.dic
> It seems to me that all the needed folders are filled with the right
>  files, so why does'nt it work?
> I have also installed inorwegian myspell-nn myspell-nb aspell-no, and
>  these are recognized in other programs.
> Any hints would be appreciated :-)

I was able to "solve" it by using another machine. Am I the only one
experiencing this?

When I imported the hyphenated text from my other machine the 
hyphenations where still in place and when I changed something, the 
hyphenations also would change accordingly, as it should. But if I 
reverted all the hyphenations in a story, then I still could not bring 
it back on my main machine (the amd64, as mentioned above).

Perhaps something is just wrong in my installation, but I do not know 
what :-/

Best regards Axel Bojer

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