[scribus] Invitation for Scribus community at OpenExpo 2008 Zurich

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins at mardigrafe.com
Wed May 21 04:21:44 CEST 2008

Hi Matthias,

I would be willing to drive a Scribus booth for those 2 days, either 
alone or with other members of the Scribus team.

It could be very dynamic, with demos and in-depth look at some pro 
features, workflow cases and analysys, etc.

If possible, I would need a bit of sponsoring to get there, for the 
airplane cost at least. I come from Montreal.

Please let me know about the needs and goals of the event so I could 
adapt workshops or presentation of the project.

Also, if there are team members who’d like to gather there as well, it 
would be a great opportunity to pursue on the LGM discussions.


Matthias Stürmer a écrit :
> Hi all
> Although it's still far away I'd like to invite the Scribus community to
> do a community booth at OpenExpo 2008 in Zurich on September 24/25.
> After having a booth by Andreas Vox in March it would be great to
> welcome you again at the upcoming OpenExpo in September! And if you have
> any interesting topics for speeches please submit a proposal. The end of
> the Call for Participation is next week, May 31. Forms and more
> information are available on http://openexpo.ch/en   (of course if
> you're involved in other projects you're very welcome to sign them up as
> well!)
> Hope to see some of you this Fall in Zurich! All the best,
> Matthias

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