[scribus] O.T. Anybody able to guess what font this logo uses ?

"Sveinn í Felli (IMAP)" sveinki at nett.is
Mon May 19 10:37:24 CEST 2008

Hi, just my thoughts here;

John Beardmore wrote:
> The original artwork for this logo seems to be effectively lost.
>      http://www.t4sustainability.co.uk/RNC/GaLogoLowResHorz.jpg
> Only low resolution versions remain in circulation so I'd like to 
> recreate it in Gimp.  Does anybody have any idea what the font might 
> have been, or want to suggest a reasonable substitute ?
> Many thanks, J/.

Why would you want to do this in the Gimp ?
Normally (in the workflow I know) you'd import the logo as 
background in a vector drawing program (e.g. Inkscape, Xara 
or even Krita), then draw outline bezier curves on top of 
it. This has the benefit of being able to experiment with 
sizes and colors (most logos are filled with precise spot 
inks f.x from the pantone palettes) and then export as .gif 
or .png indexed images (only containing the relevant colors, 
say from 2 to 12 colors, instead of having 64k colors and a 
bunch of jpeg artifacts). You could even export .svg vector 
image for scalable viewing in many browsers.
Secondly, you wouldn't even need to know the font (if you 
manage to draw a convincing outline of the old one) because 
it's already in outlines.

But in your case I'm afraid this would be such an 
approximation, both finding the font or to draw the letters, 
  193x54 pixels contain not much detail :(

P.S. my linux jpeg viewers hate your jpg image, they become 
quite unstable when opening it and importing only works in 
inkscape; there must be an error of some sort in it (format 
or compression, dunno).

Good luck

Sveinn í Felli

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