[scribus] re washed out printout

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Fri May 16 21:27:44 CEST 2008

Henry Hartley wrote: 
> Terry Todd wrote:
> >> 
> >> Where did you get 1.3.4 from?  I don't see it on the scribus
> >> download page.
> >> 
> >> I am running on FreeBSD and on Windows XP. 
> >> Both have the exact same behaviour, ie. printing directly
> >> from scribus produces a washed out printout.
> I don't really recommend version 1.3.4 for production use.  You're
> probably better off continuing to use what you have and working
> around the problem for a little while (i.e. create PDF and print
> that).  Version 1.3.5 is getting close to release -- I seem to
> remember something about this summer.  Since 1.3.4 printed right,
> it's likely that 1.3.5 will as well.  1.3.4 is unsupported and not
> ready for prime time.

On the other hand, I just tried your file with version  I
didn't have it installed here (Windows XP) but I grabbed it and it works
fine there, printing just the same as under 1.3.4 (and just like
scribus-test1.pdf).  So, the version of Scribus is not the problem.  I'm
afraid I don't have any Xerox printers to test with.  Do you have any
other printers you can try?


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