[scribus] re washed out printout

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Fri May 16 17:54:15 CEST 2008

Terry Todd wrote:

>> If you saw in this thread I did try those options.  They do
>> nothing for printing directly from scribus.
>> They only affect exporting to a PDF file from scribus.
>> As I stated previously I am getting the impression most people
>> do not print directly from scribus but instead export to PDF and
>> then print the exported file.  Is this the case?

I'm sorry, you're right, I did missunderstand the question.  I thought
you were wondering why the one PDF was washed out and the other wasn't.
In general I do produce a PDF and print from that but I can't say
whether that's what "most people" do.  The reason I do it is that I do
most of my Scribus work at home but have much better printers available
at the office.  It's much easier to carry a single PDF to work for
printing and since it's what I'll give the printer if I'm heading in
that direction, it's not really an extra step.

That being said, when I loaded your SLA file and printed it directly, it
came out looking exactly like the darker of the two supplied PDF files
(with the exception of the slanted picture).  So, no, I'm not seeing
this problem.  This was with version 1.3.4.  I see that you tried
turning off color management without any improvement.  That's what I
would have suggested.  I still think it's likely an RGB/CMYK issue,
though.  When you turned off color management, was that in Preferences
or Document Settings?


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