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Mike Morris twriterext at gmail.com
Thu May 15 18:29:30 CEST 2008

Hello Greg,

I followed your instructions, and here is what I discovered:

1.  Using the CalendarScript, I selected a one-month calendar with the image
frame unchecked, and a size of 8.5 x 5.5.  The calendar was created at half
the page size I selected (no image frame).

2.  I can group all of the calendar cells and resize the calendar to fit in
the desired space.  The cell heights (and, presumably, if I resized both
dimensions, cell widths) adjust automatically.  HOWEVER, once grouped, I
cannot enter any text into any of the calendar cells.

3.  I can resize each of the calendar rows, one at a time, before I group
the calendar cells, by selecting each of the cells in a row using Shift +
click.  A very tedious process.

4. I can enter text into the resized calendar cells before I group the
calendar cells.  And, in fact, I find it necessary to enter text after
resizing because the cell heights do not adjust automatically to the text
entered.  I realize it is not absolutely necessary to enter text after
resizing, but I find the visual feedback important--I can verify the text as
I enter it, if the cells are resized first.

5.  This process must be repeated for each new calendar month I create.

6.  Yes, the copy/paste works--provided you Select All of the calendar
before copying.

7.  It is clear that this process is based on the Table features of Scribus,
which are rudimentary compared to other DTP applications and word
processors.  I don't recommend that the development team make any changes to
the Table features (or the calendar script) at this time.  I would rather
see a Scribus production release defined, and the Table features improved in
a future production release.

8.  One other note:  I have not been able to figure out how to vertically
center text in a table cell or in a text frame.

> >
> The CalendarWizard script is actually quite versatile. Even without
> changing the script, try this:
> Make your calendar, choosing a page size which will approximate your end
> resulting text box. Uncheck the box for making an image frame. Choose
> your month, and other calendar features. Note that you can choose a font
> and its size along the way.
> Create the calendar page. Now, select all of the calendar frames, then
> Item > Group.
> Now that you have them grouped, you can resize the calendar to the
> precise dimensions you need, and also within Properties > Text, you can
> alter the font as desired for the whole calendar at once. Now copy your
> calendar and paste to the newsletter or other Scribus document you wish
> to put it into.
> I think with practice it will give you everything you need, and really
> quite quickly, since once you find a calendar size and font that works,
> you just plug that in as you go and then just group, copy, paste.
> Greg
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