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Mon May 12 12:33:33 CEST 2008

- 'Master pages' = ? - continued, but more general -

Hedley, developers and users:

A nomenclature is important for easy understanding. I suggest :

Document:                             In comparison:
  Scribus                             OpenOffice
  English           - German          English          - German

  templates         - Vorlage         Templates        - Dokumentenvorlage

Mastering the documents:

  masters           - Matrizen        Styles+Formating - Formatvorlagen

  page masters      - Seitenmatrizen  page styles      - Seitenvorlagen
  paragraph masters - Absatzmatrizen  paragrah styles  - Absatzvorlagen
  line masters      - Zeilenmatrizen
                                      list styles      - Listenvorlagen
                                      character styles - Zeichenvorlagen
                                      frame styles     - Rahmenvorlagen

"master" is the perfect English term. The master masters a page, a paragraph,
etc.The Webster (edition 1994) says:
  3: controlling the operation of other mechanism (e.g. master cylinder)
  4: establishing a standard for reference (e.g. master gauge).

To use "page master" instead of "master page" stresses, what the  function
is, namely "mastering".

"master" means "ruling". There is no equivalent in German, I think, which
could we used here. In German "Mutter" (mother) is a possible solution, which
means "stems from" (e.g. Mutterbaum, Mutterpflanze). In the printing trade
there are in the German nomenclature two terms, that stem from Latin "mater",
(Mutter, mother):

  1. Mater = a mould for a founding patterns for printing
             It was positive, as the printing block had to be negativ.

  2. Matrize = a stencil, positive, the ink was pressed through or
               those, where the printing colour was imposed on the back
               and then used with a kind of alcohol for copying

These techniques are gone. Laser copies or digital (offset) printing we use
instead. But we could save the term by using it.

Of course we could use the same terms as OpenOffice. But scribus is a
professional tool and therefore we might / should use special terms.

But anyway - "Musterseiten", the word I started off, is not an adequate
term: Either "Seitenvorlagen" oder -preferred- "Seitenmatrizen".

Does this mail reach the developers, too? I think, they are important
in coining terms.

Hans-Josef Heck

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