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> sorry, scribus-fellows, but some of the following lines are plain German.
> This is nessary, to discuss the translation of 'master pages' into German
FrameMaker has "master pages" which are a kind of template for "body pages", the ones on which your actual content appears.  Text, graphics, and rules placed on a master page are in the background of a body page.  A text frame placed on a master page is replicated as an empty text frame on a body page.

But a body page is always linked to its master, so if you change the background material on the master page, the background of each linked body page changes to.  The best analogy I can think of is master and slave clocks.  As the master clock ticks and moves its hands, so do the slave clocks.

A template in FrameMaker refers to all the master pages, plus formats for paragraphs, character strings, tables, cross-references, variables, etc. which you copy to start a new project.  You can also apply everything in a template file to change a project file.

Hope this helps with the nomenclature problem.



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