[scribus] Printing a PDF

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Sat May 10 01:40:22 CEST 2008

By "Print for Screen/Web" do you mean "Print Preview".  The preview
on screen looks fine.

I could not find any "Print for Screen/Web" option.

Hi Terry
Not Print Preview.

File > Export > Save as PDF -- Will show a selector for exporting to <EPS, PDF, 
Save as Image, Save as SVG>
click on PDF.
Depending on which Scribus version you use you may or may not see the Preflight 
Verifier, to ignore it for now Click <Ignore Errors>
You then see a dialog titled <Save As PDF>
Top field is the directory you wish to save to...
Next row of tabs is General, Fonts, Extras, Viewer, Security, Colour, Pre-Press
Click the Color Tab and you will see a field named <Output intended for> which, 
when you click on the up/down arrows permits print to

I check each tab in turn ans set the field settings to the PDF output I need
-- General, Choose Pages,  compatibility PDF 1.3 or 1.4 to suit whether I have 
transparencies or not.
At the bottom you have compression and output resolution.
-- Fonts, I outline all, (easier for my needs)
-- Extras, no changes
-- Viewer I set to Double Page Left because I work with 4 pages across the 
screen  by n pages down.
-- Security no change
-- Color as described above
-- Pre-Press no change

I mention here that depending on the pdf viewer you use -- ' it ' may not print 
the pdf
I had recently a version of (linux) kpdf and KGhostview that refused to print 
and had to use xpdf every time.
I have also had Scribus refuse to print directly to printer and had to resort to 
PDF, thats gone away now.

Hope this helps
Apologies for the long winded post..

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