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sorry, scribus-fellows, but some of the following lines are plain German.
This is nessary, to discuss the translation of 'master pages' into German.

I had quite a problem in understanding the function of "Musterseiten".

I started with Markus Priemer's book 'Scribus kompakt'. He explains on
page 107:

  "Musterseiten eignen sich in Scribus dazu, Objekte einer Seite fest

       This is not a functional approach of explaining. You don't even
       guess, what to do, if you are a 100% beginner, as I am.
       He continues:

  "Die Objekte der Musterseite sind - einmal zugewiesen - im Normalmodus
   nicht weiter editierbar."

     - Not the objekts are to be asigned, but the master page itself.
     - What does "Normalmodus" mean to a beginner?

I am stating this not as a critic to the book, but to show, that even
for a professional the function of master pages is not clearly memorized,
when you use a term, that has a different conotation, which in German is
"Vorlage". In his glossary, page 236, Priemer defines "Musterseite" as a

Therefore I would prefer to use the term 'Matrizen' in German. It is a
term of the printing business and implies, that it is used to imprint
on other pages, what is "designed" into it.

I tried an explanation (sorry, in German):

"Scribus-Matrizen sind veränderliche Ganzseiten-Stempel. Was man auf einer
solchen Seite an Objekten und Eigenschaften definiert hat, kann man auf
normale Seiten "anwenden", das heißt, mit diesem Ganzseiten-Stempel prägt
man die normalen Seiten. Was dort eingeprägt ist, kann man nicht mehr
verändern. Wohl aber kann man die Matrizen nachträglich verändern, was -
im Gegensatz zu normalen Stempeln oder normalen Matrizen - nur möglich
ist, weil es sich um Software handelt."

As I am a beginner, I appreciate any hint and critics.


Hans-Josef Heck

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