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Good Morning,


>Paul wrote:

>[a HUGE post containing an entire digest, quoted and unsnipped ]

>If you're reading in digest mode please create a new message to the list
>rather than replying to the digest, or trim the quoted text.

Ooops, sorry.

  2. Re:  Editing Text in Text Box (John Beardmore)
>   3. Re:  Editing Text in Text Box (Craig Ringer)

> Could you briefly explain what you are talking about here?

>:)  I thought I had.  What specifically didn't you understand ?

  I just find the ergonomics a bit clunky because response
> isn't rapid, and mouse click events in particular sometimes seem to be
> missed.  I suspect I spend a significant proportion of my time waiting
> to see if the highlighting of mouse click I made had the effect desired.

 Craig Ringer writes:

>Performance degrades non-linearly with the amount of text in a linked
>series of text frames and with how many text frames are involved. It's
>quite usable initially, but gets seriously slow once you have too much
>text. How much "too much" is varies depending on how fast your machine
>is, the Scribus version you are using, etc.

I think that this answers my question. Right now my file size is quite
small, and likely this is the reason I'm not having any problem with editing
text.  Neither do I anticipate having large files, for now, as the
structure/design of my 'newsletter' won't require it. But I'll keep an eye
on it as things develop. Thanks to all for the responses.
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