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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Mon May 5 16:51:15 CEST 2008

Craig Ringer wrote:
> John Beardmore wrote:

>> Well -  I don't know too much about how Scribus handles things, and I 
>> don't even know what your other package is, but it would be nice to have 
>> Scribus be more responsive.
>> I don't know if the underlying issue here is Qt
> It is not. If anything, Qt is a major positive influence on Scribus's 
> performance.


> This issue is caused by design choices made in early versions of Scribus 
> that became somewhat entrenched and entangled with the file format, the 
> rest of the redraw code, etc. I know there's been some work done on 
> improving the underlying cause of the performance issues being discussed 
> here, though I don't know what the current state is in 1.3.5 .


> It's complicated and difficult to improve, and as you may have noticed 
> nobody working on Scribus gets paid to spend their time on it.

:)   I have...

If it was easier for UK companies to donate directly via BACS rather 
than having to donate via staff credit cards, it might help.

Is there still a plan to set up a company to distribute development 
funds to scribus per

   http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Scribus_Public_Wiki:Site_support ?

That did strike me as a good idea, especially it it could issue receipts 
or some kind of invoice to corporate donors who are obliged to keep 
their books in order !

> Only a 
> few people contribute actively to the core code, and there's a huge 
> amount to do both in cleanups and in desired enhancements.

Yes of course.  And I know it's hard to prioritise between keeping 
people happy in the short term, and producing robust code that is easy 
to manipulate in the future.

>> but if it is, 
>> presumably it would be a huge rewrite, if not impossible to change it now ?
> Probably a total rewrite. Scribus not only uses Qt for its GUI, but for 
> all its internal data structures. It also uses the Qt signals/slots 
> system heavily throughout the app.
> In any case, I the only reason I can imagine you would want to write a 
> GUI C++ application with anything but Qt would be licensing constraints.

I don't really know enough about Qt, though it does look as if I should 
take a look at it for some of my own work.

Cheers, J/.
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