[scribus] Editing Text in Text Box

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun May 4 20:56:32 CEST 2008

Paul wrote:
> If there's one thing that bugs me about scribus, and it's bugged me
> about Pagemaker and InDesign too, is that editing text in a text box is
> so slow that sometimes it's hard to see what you've typed or selected.
> I suspect that in some sense the developers see the 'righteous' answer
> as to use the story editor, but then you can't see how the layout is
> shaping up.  Generally I have a preference for editing direct in the
> text box -  at least it's WYSIWYG.  Personally I'd be happy to dispense
> with the story editor editor altogether, though that may mean that I'm
> missing some tricks.
> Could you briefly explain what you are talking about here? I had no problem
> editing text within the multiple text boxes I used on my
> Newspaper/Newsletter Template. Is there some other 'text box' that I should
> be aware of before I continue development additional pages to my project?

One of the things you can do in Story Editor is size and position it so 
that you can periodically type Ctrl-U to update the frame on screen 
without leaving SE.


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