[Scribus] Text chain snare in .sla and .pdf

Femke Snelting snelting
Thu Mar 27 23:52:38 CET 2008

Dear list,

I am laying out a document in Scribus on Ubuntu 7.10.
The document has 2 columns, and I work with a text that was first marked 
up in Open Office, than imported into Scribus and distributed over ca. 
50 pages as a flowing text.

At some point, the textflow started to stutter at a specific place in 
the text and it stops running into the following boxes. Now and than it 
will even display all text still 'unflown' in the last frame on top of 
each other.  It looks like the frames are correctly chained together -- 
I have redone the chain a few times but it is hard to be sure.

If I close Scribus, and and open the document again, all seems back to 
normal but than at unexpected moments it 'snares' at exactly the same 
point in the text. What is even more scary is that if I save the 
document as a .pdf, the problem is carried over.

I have looked at the .sla to see whether I could find any anomalies, but 
I don't see any. Does anyone know what could cause this behaviour, and 
more over... how to repair it?!

Screenshot, .pdf and .sla are here:
The problem is at page 38.

Any help would be much appreciated!



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