[Scribus] Master pages and templates.

John Culleton john
Tue Mar 25 18:20:28 CET 2008

On Monday 24 March 2008 04:02:05 pm Gregory Pittman wrote:
> John Culleton wrote:
> > In Scribus are master pages and templates the same thing? I look up
> > templates and get instructions on master pages instead.
> >
> > If they are different then what is the distinguishing characteristic?
> Templates are really any document having a particular layout whose main
> distinguishing feature is that it's saved with templates (File > Save as
> Template), so that when you go to the menu File > New from Template,
> there it is. It is fully editable, just like any Scribus doc.
> Master pages are portions of a document, a particular layer of layout
> which, once created, is not editable on individual pages. You would use
> this for banners, headlines, images and page numbers that appear
> repeatedly. You might have one for right pages, one for left pages, one
> for another section, and so on. One document could have many Master
> Pages. Go to Edit > Master Pages to make and edit them.  I suppose a
> Template could also have Master Pages associated with it.
> I believe in days gone by, the original name for Master Pages was
> Templates, perhaps a source of confusion if you find some old
> documentation.
> Greg

Now I get it. Thanks. 

Intersting anomaly. I created a template, then created a new document from the 
template. On the original template  I just had just one page. When I created 
a new document "from template" and then added "insert pages" for quantity 20 
the layout and margins were OK but the guide I had put on the template only 
appeared on page 1. I'll try modifying the template with a text frame on one 
side instead and see if that duplicates.

Anyhow I am on my way.

John Culleton
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