[Scribus] Colored background for e.g., book cover.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Mar 23 17:01:41 CET 2008

John Culleton wrote:
> I know I can add a graphic frame to the entire page,  edge to edge and change 
> its color using preferences. Can I do the same for the entire page without 
> using a graphic frame? The page properties don't seem to include color. 
> Scribus on Linux.
In File > Preferences > Display you can have your document background 
any color you like. This will not, however, be exported to the PDF or 
print on your local printer.  You might use this when you plan to have 
your document printed on some color stock, so that when you're working 
in Scribus you can see something resembling the final result, subject, 
of course to the same potential mismatch between screen and your paper 
stock that you generally face with color management.

So, to actually export or print a background color, you have to make a 
page-sized background frame of one kind or another.


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