[Scribus] Is there any scribus 1.3.5svn build for win32 available?

flaco inconcluso
Sun Mar 16 20:18:37 CET 2008

I have to apologize for publishing the mentioned link here. This has been
pointing to a night build svn, that probably would NOT serve for your
purposes. I suggest, You ask on the channel for help if you didn't find it
til now.

flaco schrieb:
> Hi Franz!
> http://pero.wanadoo.fr/jghali/subircs/Scribus_135_svn_080308.7z
> or join irc.freenode.net, scribus channel in the evenings and ask the
> friendly jghali for a real fresh one...
> flaco
> Franz Rogar schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I was working in Ubuntu Gusty (my personal PC) with 1.3.5svn on a book
>> which I want to be published. I need to be working on another PC
>> (where the manuscript is host) on which I'm only a normal user and has
>> Window$ XP -_- and found there's no svn build for win32.
>> My problem is that I've right now 120 pages book (about 1/3 of final
>> pages total) plus 350 images in it and converting document to 1.3.3.x
>> file format is not what I've in mind... (scrapbook would be a pain...
>> even without images)
>> So that's my question: is there any svn build for win32 available
>> anywhere? or should I just use a LiveCD (or create one) with Scribus
>> built-in?
>> PS: Last option (LiveCD) would be my *last* option (due its
>> time-to-load and others issues: P3 600MHz... -_- )
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