[Scribus] PDF, Font embedding

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Mar 16 17:31:20 CET 2008

Benjamin Dumke wrote:
> Gregory Pittman schrieb:
>>> * The "Fonts to outline" box contains those fonts that will be converted 
>>> to outline. This does not mean creating graphics objects for every 
>>> letter on the page (like e.g. Inkscape would if you took a text object 
>>> and converted it to a path), but instead by converting the used glyphs 
>>> of this font to a type that PDF _can_ handle (Type 3 as the Adobe Reader 
>>> tells me) and embedding this resulting font into the PDF.
>>> Is this how it is supposed to work?
>> No, to the best of my knowledge outlined fonts are converted to vector 
>> outlines. 
> Why is it then, that when I use AR to check the properties of a PDF that 
> was created with all fonts in the "Fonts to outline" box I get something 
> like
> + Fo0S0
>     Type: Type 3
>     Encoding: Custom
>     Actual Font: Fo0S0
>     Actual Font Type: Type 3
> for every font?
I don't know. I just exported the same document to PDF, one with 
outlines, one embedded. The one to outlines showed no fonts in 
Properties. Perhaps you also embedded also? If a font can be embedded, 
you can do both.

which PDF type are you exporting to?


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