[Scribus] How to make ``photo book'' easily? + some "bug-reports"

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Sun Mar 16 01:30:06 CET 2008


John Beardmore wrote:
> By contrast, you can make skype to skype calls trivially.  OK, skype
> does not use open standard protocols, but the service is free, and works
> well.  There are various fees to dial out into telecoms networks from
> skype, but even then, these can be good value if you make a lot of
> international calls.

Just to add on that, SIP, which is the main open standard for VoIP, is 
very similar in this regard: SIP-to-SIP calls are free as well, and the 
fees for calls to landlines are good value for making international calls.
The big difference is that there's a number of different software 
clients that support SIP across different platforms, and there are a 
number of different companies providing the interface to landlines and 
often free access to the SIP network itself (that is, for SIP-to-SIP calls).
I'm not sure there's a (good) SIP/Skype interface available though.

That said, this is probably really off-topic here :)

Robert Kaiser

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