[Scribus] Backward-compatibility (was: Scribus for Scientific writing)

Plinnell mrdocs
Tue Mar 11 13:54:51 CET 2008

O.k., time inflation, I guess. Since everything else is inflating, why 
not time, too?
I listed a number of things that don't work. I basically have a simple 
text editor, with no page layout functionality. Does Ghostscript 
provide the latter? Is it possible that I have a wrong version of 
Ghostscript, or put it in the wrong folder? I thought I followed the 
installation instructions. Can someone feed me an intelligent question?

On Mar 10, 2008, at 2:12 AM, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Jim Baker wrote:
>> Several weeks ago, I posted a query about getting Scribus/Aqua
>> operative on my Mac Powerbook G4 (Titanium). I got an email next day
>> saying this message was being evaluated or something like that for
>> posting. As far as I know it never did appear. Is this a help list or
>> what?
> Funny, I see a message from you on the list "[Scribus] installing on 
> Mac
> OS X 10.3.9", from exactly one week ago. I that what you are referring 
> to?
Please see: 


> On 3/03/2008, Jim Baker wrote:
>> Scribus/Aqua installs fine and opens on my Titanium (G-4) PowerBook,
>> and I followed the directions from the website to download and place
>> Ghostscript into the Library:Frameworks folder. I tried two different
>> versions of Ghostscript, the most recent one seems to crash Scribus as
>> soon as I try to use tools.
>> Scribus actually opens but text boxes don't take text (or anything),
>> though the story board does. The table tool seems to work, and some
>> others. In the story board, only a default font is activated, no 
>> styles
>> are possible, no text color, etc. In other words, text input is a 
>> font,
>> but like a simple text editor.

Known Issue:

>> Any suggestions?
>> JayBee
> Since you didn't ask any question and are running a very old version of
> MacOSX, it is entirely possible that nobody had any suggestions.

Correct, and I can say that upgrading to at least 10.4.x will probably be a 
requirement not far in the future. It will be increasingly difficult to 
support 10.3.x.

I can tell you from my experience just building Scribus Aqua is difficult at 
best on 10.3.x and I have wrestled with compiling Scribus on some not so 
common platforms like Cygwin and earlier versions of Solaris x86.

> -- 
> Martin

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